About Us

Unparalleled visibility and actionable insights.
Illuminating capital markets
FINSIGHT creates high-reliability financial technology that provides unparalleled visibility and actionable insights into capital markets. We are a New York City-based company serving thousands of the leading institutional investors, investment banks and corporations across the globe.
Our applications streamline workflows that facilitate hundreds of billions of dollars worth of capital markets activity.
Investment Banking
Providing world-class fanatical 24x7 support
We offer unlimited, 24x7x365 U.S. based phone, email and live-chat support to all stakeholders utilizing our services. We don't ask for testimonials. Below is unsolicited feedback we’ve received from clients.
An award winning technology platform
In an industry poll coordinated by Euromoney’s Global Capital, our company won the U.S. securitization data and technology provider of the year awards two years in a row.
How can we help?
We are driven to solve meaningful problems in the institutional capital markets space and have a great track record of doing so. If your company has unique challenges you wish us to explore, please get in touch.