RZD Capital PLC (RZDCP) 2019-3

CHF350.0006Oct-25Sr. UnsecuredBaa2-BBBFixedSwapsMS+160-165MS+155-1601550.90%-15100.00000
CHF150.0008.5Apr-28Sr. UnsecuredBaa2-BBBFixedSwapsMS+170-180-1701.20%-20100.00000
Tranche Comments
6 yr: Comments: CHF350m bmk 6yr snr unsec LPN. With 8.5yr. Baa2/-/BBB. UBS/VTB. IPTs indic 1% coupon at MS+160/+165, G+185/+190, 0.943%/0.993% ytm, guidance MS+155/160 for 275m+. (Source: IFR); 8.5 yr: Comments: CHF150m bmk 8.5yr snr unsec LPN. With 6yr. Baa2/-/BBB. UBS/VTB. IPTs indic 1.25% coupon at MS+170/+180, G+203/+213, 1.19%/1.29% ytm. (Source: IFR);
JSC Russian Railways