Republic of Lithuania (LTGV) 2017-1

EUR750.00010May-27Sr. UnsecuredA3A-A-FixedSwaps-MS+low-mid 30s330.95%-98.31600
EUR550.00030May-47-A3A-A-FixedSwaps-MS+75 a732.10%-98.07900
Tranche Comments
10 yr: Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR750m (from initial 500m exp, upped to 700-750m) bmk. With 30yr. A3/A-/A-. BNPP(B&D)/JPM. Guidance MS+low/mid 30s, guidance MS+32/34 WPIR, set MS+33, launched 750m. Bks closed c.1.7bn. Bund 0.25% 2/27+75.9 @98.857/HR98%. FTT 1615LON; 30 yr: Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR550m (from exp 500m) bmk 30yr (instead of 20yr). A3/A-/A-, RegS. BNPP, JPM. Also 10yr. IPTs MS+75 area, guidance MS+72/74 WPIR, set MS+73 for exp 550m. Combined bks closed c.1.7bn. Bund 2.5% 8/46+98.6 @131.822/HR74%. FTT 1615LON.;