Republic of Lithuania (LTGV) 2020-1

Tranche Comments
10 yr: Book size: 2500; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR1.25bn 10yr RegS. With 5yr. A3/A+/A. BNPP(B&D)/Citi/Erste. Guidance MS+95/+100 revised MS+90/+95, launch 1.25bn at MS+90, bk @2.5bn. Bund 0% 2/30+129.8 @104.71.; 5 yr: Book size: 1800; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR750m 5yr RegS. With 10yr. A3/A+/A. BNPP(B&D)/Citi/Erste. Guidance MS+65/+70 revised MS+60/+65, launch 750m @MS+60, bk @1.8bn. OBL 0% 4/25 #181 +99.9 @103.30.;