Kering SA (KER) 2020-1

EUR600.0003May-23Sr. Unsecured-A--FixedSwapsMS+115 aMS+75 a650.25%-799.85700
EUR600.0008May-28Sr. Unsecured-A--FixedSwapsMS+160 aMS+115 a1050.75%-2099.42900
Tranche Comments
3 yr: Book size: 3200; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR600m 3yr. With 8yr. A- S&P. GloCos CA-CIB/HSBC(B&D). Actives BNPP/Natx/SG/Uni. MUFG passive. IPTs MS+115 area, guidance MS+75 area for 600m, set MS+65 on bk >3.2bn (peaked >4.8bn). HR 98% vs OBL 0% 4/23+109.6 @102.38. MWC B+20, 3mPC. LEI: 549300VGEJKB7SVUZR78. CoC.; 8 yr: Book size: 4700; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR600m 8yr. With 3yr. A- S&P. GloCos CA-CIB(B&D)/HSBC. Actives BNPP/Natx/SG/Uni. MUFG pasive. IPTs MS+160 area, guidance MS+115 area for 600m, set MS+105 on bk >4.7bn (peaked >6.4bn) . HR 91% vs DBR 0.5% 2./28+150.6 @109.47. MWC B+25, 3mPC. LEI: 549300VGEJKB7SVUZR78. CoC.;