Faurecia SE (EO) 2020-1

EUR300.0004.9Jun-25Sr. UnsecuredBa2BBBB+FixedB96.25-96.7597.00-97.503892.63%-97.50000
Tranche Comments
4.9 yr: Redemption: 2021-06-15; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR250m tap of 700m 2.625% Jun 2025 snr. With new 8NC3. Ba2/BB/BB+. GloCos/phys BNPP(B&D)/CA-CIB. GloCos Natx/SG. Bk JPM. IPTs 96.25-96.75, guidance 97.00-97.50 for 300m, MWC B+50, +389bps to DBR 1% 15 Aug 2025. ISINs: XS2209343495 funge w/ XS1785467751;
Deal Comments
EUR250m tap of 700m 2.625% due 6/15/2025.
Use of Proceeds
Repay bank debt