Emissionszentrale Fur Gemeinnutzige Wohnbautrager (EGW) (EGW) 2020-2

CHF39.30020Apr-40Sr. Unsecured---FixedSwaps-MS+17 a160.35%-107.67800
Tranche Comments
20 yr: Comments: CHF39.3m reopening of 137.5m 0.35% Apr 2040 old 20yr to 176.8m. ZKB sole. ZKB AAA. MS+17 area, set MS+16, Eidg+37 / -0.038%. 112 days AI. ISINs: CH0536893107 funge w/ CH0485261603;
Deal Comments
CHF39.3m tap of 137.5m 0.35% due 4/27/2040.