Virgin Money UK PLC (VMUKLN) 2021-1

GBP300.00010.25Aug-31SubordinatedBaa3-BBB-FixedGG+250 aG+225-2302252.63%-99.80700
Tranche Comments
10.25 yr: Book size: 1800; First Pay: 2021-08-19; Redemption: 2026-05-19; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: GBP300m WNG 10.25NC5.25yr T2 RegS. Baa3/NR/BBB-. BNPP/Citi(B&D/DM)/Lloyds/MS/NatWest. IPTs G+250 area, guidance G+225/+230 WPIR, launch G+225 vs 1.5% 7/26. Bk >1.8bn. 3mPC. Gilt Spot 105.566 / Bid 105.546 (HR 92%). LEI: 213800ZK9VGCYYR6O495.;
Deal Comments
Tier 2
Use of Proceeds
General corporate purposes including down stream of funds of subordinated debt