Blend Funding PLC 2021-6

GBP55.00033.5Apr-56Sr. SecuredA2--FixedGG+125-130G+115 a1132.92%-108.84700
Tranche Comments
33.5 yr: Book size: 215; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: GBP55m tap of 500m 2.922% Apr 2054/2056 snr sec (LFM 5/4/56) to 555m, social bond. A2. Actives Lloyds sole/B&D. IPTs G+125/+130 vs 1.625% 10/54, guidance G+115 (+/-2 WPIR), launch G+113, bk ~215m ex-JLM. 24 days AI, 40 day funge, Gilt @ 106.185 mid, 106.125 bid, HR 85%. FTT 2.45pm. LEI: 213800Y8TMLUT9SN1E94. Undisclosed;
Deal Comments
Social, green bond. GBP55m tap of 500m 2.922% due Apr 2054/2056
Use of Proceeds
To be lent to authorised borrowers on the terms set out in the Programme Memorandum and in compliance with the Social Bond Framework