Parkland Corp (fka Parkland Fuel Corp) (PARFUEPV) 2021-2

USD800.0008.5May-30Sr. UnsecuredBa3BBBBFixedTsy4.50-4.75%4.50-4.625%3234.63%-100.00000
Tranche Comments
8.5 yr: First Pay: 2022-05-01; Redemption: 2025-05-01; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: US$800m (upsized from US$500m)4.625% cpn 8.5yr (5/01/30) NC3.5 (5/01/25) at 100.00, yld 4.625%. Spread: T+323bp. MWC T+50bp prior to 5/01/25, and then 102.313, 101.156, 100.00. Equity clawback: Up to 40% at 104.625. Settle: 11/23/21. 144A CUSIP: 70137WAL2;
Use of Proceeds
Redeem notes and general corporate purposes

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