Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) (CFE) 2022-1

USD1,250.0007May-29Sr. UnsecuredBaa1BBBBBB-FixedTsyT+300 aT+280 a2754.69%-99.98000
USD500.00030May-52Sr. UnsecuredBaa1BBBBBB-FixedTsyT+Low 400sT+4004006.26%-100.00000
Tranche Comments
7 yr: Book size: 2300; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: US$1.25bn 4.688% cpn 7yr (5/15/2029) at 99.98, yld 4.688%. Spread: T+275bp. LEI: 4469000001BFPONMPF32; 30 yr: Book size: 1100; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: US$500m 6.264% cpn 30yr (2/15/2052) at 100.00, yld 6.264%. Spread: T+400bp. LEI: 4469000001BFPONMPF32;
Deal Comments
Sustainability Note
Use of Proceeds
Refinancing of Eligible Green Projects