B2Holding ASA (BBH) 2022-1

EUR150.0004Sep-26Sr. UnsecuredB1B+-Floating3mEu3mEu+675-700-6903mEu+690-100.00000
Tranche Comments
4 yr: Redemption: 2024-09-22; Comments: EUR150m 4yr snr unsec FRN. B1/B+. Glo-co( DNB Markets/Nordea/Pareto)/Arctic. IPTs 3mE+675/+700. conditional buyback B2H03 @ 100.45% & B2H04 @ 100.70%, final 150m 3mE +690 pricing at par. MWC 2 yr, callable at 103.96/101.98% after 24/36 months and 100.25% of par last six months. Reset Date: 2024-09-22. Par Call: 6m. MWC: P+50. CoC: 101%. LEI: 5967007LIEEXZXFHOO08;
Use of Proceeds
Refinancing and for general corporate purposes