Hamburg Commercial Bank AG (HSHND) 2022-5

EUR500.0002Nov-24SeniorBaa2--FixedSwapsMS+350 a-3406.25%-99.89200
Tranche Comments
2 yr: Book size: 725; First Pay: 2023-11-18; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR500m WNG 2yr bmk SNP RegS. Baa2/NR. DB/JPM(B&D)/Natx/NatWest/UBS. IPTs MS+350 area, launch MS+340. Books 750m+ (35m JLM, prec-rec), With tender for 0.75% Nov 2023/2022s. OBL 0 10/24 #180 + 417.5bp (96.025) / HR 101%. FTT 7.30am Tues. LEI: TUKDD90GPC79G1KOE162;
Deal Comments
Non-Preferred Note
Use of Proceeds
General Corporate Purposes