Telefonica Europe BV (TEF) 2023-1

EUR1,000.000---Ba2BBBB+FixedB6.75% a6.25% a4046.14%-12.5100.00000
Tranche Comments
P NC 7.25: Book size: 3800; First Pay: 2024-05-03; Redemption: 2030-02-03; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR1bn PNC7.25 hybrid bmk green RegS. Ba2/BB/BB+. Actives BBVA/DB/JPM/HSBC/Medio/MUFG/NatWest(B&D)/Santan/SG. IPTs 6.75% area (annual yield), guidance 6.25% area, launch 1bn at 6.125%. Final books 3.8bn+ (peak 5.3bn+). B+404. FTT 7:30am Thursday. Reset Date: 2030-05-03. Par Call: 3m. Cleanup Call: 75%. Tax Call: Yes. MWC: B+50bps. Distribution: UK/Ire 46%, Fr 10%, Ger/Aus/Switz 18%, It 8%, Benelux 7%, Noridcs 5%, Iberia 4%, Other 2%. FM 85%, Bks/PB 9%, Ins/PF 4%, Other 2%. LEI: 7245007FZS0M65WUGP67;
Deal Comments
Green Hybrid Bond
Telefonica SA
Use of Proceeds
Allocated towards Eligible Projects under the eligibility criteria for green bonds