Stena International SA 2023-1

EUR325.0005Feb-28Sr. SecuredBa3BB-FixedB8.00% a7.75% a4997.25%-100.00000
Tranche Comments
5 yr: First Pay: 2023-08-15; Redemption: 2025-02-15; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: EUR325m 5NC2 SSN RegS/144A. Ba3/BB. Sole physical JPM, JBs BNPP/Citi/Nordea. IPTs 8% area, revised 7.75% area, price talk 7.5% area, final 7.25% coupon. DBR 0.5% 02/2028, B+499. FTT 2:30pm. Reset Date: 2025-02-15. MWC: B+50. CoC: Put at 101%. LEI: 213800A4LTGG4W55QP46;
Stena AB
Use of Proceeds
To repurchase all the 2024 SSN pursuant to the tender offer, and pay related premiums, fees and expenses