Republic of Panama (PAGV) 2023-1

USD800.00012Feb-35Sr. UnsecuredBaa2BBBBBB-FixedTsyT+287.5 aT+2552556.40%-101.96100
USD1,000.00031Mar-54Sr. UnsecuredBaa2BBBBBB-FixedTsyT+350 aT+312.5312.56.85%-100.00000
Tranche Comments
12 yr: First Pay: 2023-08-14; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$800m Tap of the 6.40% 2/14/35 at 101.961, yld 6.161%. Spread: T+255bp. MWC: Yes. Par Call: 3m. LEI: 549300SHS4T08CL0LP14; 31 yr: First Pay: 2023-09-28; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$1bn 6.853% cpn 31yr (3/28/54) at 100. yld 6.853%. Spread: T+312.5bp. MWC: Yes. Par Call: 6m. LEI: 549300SHS4T08CL0LP14;
Deal Comments
Global Bond. US$800m tap of 6.40% due 2/14/2035
Use of Proceeds
General budgetary purposes and liability management