Fiserv Inc (FISV) 2023-2

EUR800.0008May-31Sr. UnsecuredBaa2BBB-FixedSwapsMS+165 aMS+1601604.50%2599.56600
Tranche Comments
8 yr: Registration: Registered; Comments: EUR800m 8yr bmk snr unsec SEC regd Global. Baa2/BBB/NR. Citi(log/B&D)/MUFG/WFS. IPTs MS+165 area, set MS+160 #. DBR 0% 02/31s / 84.26 / HR103%, B+233. Tax Call: Yes. Par Call: 3m. MWC: B+35. CoC: 101%. LEI: GI7UBEJLXYLGR2C7GV83;
Deal Comments
Global Bond
Use of Proceeds
Repay notes and general corporate purposes

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