Banco BPM SpA (BAMI) 2023-2

EUR750.0005Jun-28SeniorBa2-BB+BBB (L)VariableSwapsMS+300 a-2806.00%-99.95500
Tranche Comments
5 yr: Book size: 1150; Redemption: 2027-06-14; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR750m 5NC4 fxd-FRN bmk green SNP RegS. Ba2/NR/BB+/BBBL. Akros/BNPP(B&D)/BofA/Citi/HSBC/Santan/UBS. IPTs MS+300 area, set MS+280, launch 750m. Books 1.15bn+ (peak 1.3bn+). OBL 185 + 347.3bp / spot 90.79 / HR 101% . Resets to 3mE+280. Reset Date: 2027-06-14. LEI: 815600E4E6DCD2D25E30;
Deal Comments
Green Non-Preferred Notes
Use of Proceeds
Allocated to refinance eligible green loans