EUR1,000.0007.75Dec-27Sr. UnsecuredBaa1A--FixedSwapsMS+265 aMS+235-2402302.13%48-
EUR1,750.00012Apr-32Sr. UnsecuredBaa1A--FixedSwapsMS+305 aMS+285-2902852.75%6999.99000
EUR1,750.00020Apr-40Sr. UnsecuredBaa1A--FixedSwapsMS+375 aMS+355-3603553.70%6999.48500
Tranche Comments
7.75 yr: Book size: 6100; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: Long 7yr EUR1bn RegS. Part of up to 4.5bn 3-tr. Baa1/A-. BNPP(B&D)/BofA/DB/ING/Santan. IPTs MS+265 area, guidance MS+235/240, launch 1bn @MS+230, bk 6.1bn. HR 88% DBR 0.5% 8/27 +278.1 @108.56. MWC B+45. 3mPC. FTT 7:45am Tuesday. LEI: 5493008H3828EMEXB082.; 12 yr: Book size: 5600; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: 12yr EUR1.75bn RegS. Part of max 4.5bn 3-tr. Baa1/A-. BNPP/BofA/DB/ING(B&D)/Santan. IPTs MS+305 area, guidance MS+285/290, launch 1.75bn at MS+285, bk 5.6bn. HR 95% DBR 0% 2/30+338.9 @105.21 . MWC B+50, 3mPC. LEI: 5493008H3828EMEXB082.; 20 yr: Book size: 6800; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: 20yr EUR1.75bn RegS. Part of up to 4.5bn 3-tr. Baa1/A-. BNPP/BofA/DB(B&D)/ING/Santan. IPTs MS+375 area, guidance MS+355/+360, launch 1.75bn @MS+355, bk 6.8bn. HR 20yr 48% DBR 4.25% 7/39 +397.5 @188.54. MWC B+60, 6mPC. LEI: 5493008H3828EMEXB082.;
Anheuser-Busch Companies, LLC, Anheuser-Busch InBev Worldwide Inc., Anheuser-Busch InBev Finance Inc., Brandbrew S.A., Brandbev Sarl., Cobrew NV
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