USD600.0005Jun-28Sr. UnsecuredAa3AA-AA-FixedTsyT+120 aT+100 a954.77%-100.00000
Tranche Comments
5 yr: Book size: 1400; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: USD600m 5yr green snr unsec RegS. Aa3/AA-/AA-, ISS ESG 2PO. 1ADB(struc)/Citi/CA-CIB/HSBC/StCh(B&D). IPTs T+120 area, FPG T+100 area (+/-5 WPIR) for exp 500m, launch 600m at T+95#. Books 1.4bn+ excl JLM, subj. T 3.625% 05/28, HR 98%. FTT May 31 8am. LEI: 2138002Y3WMK6RZS8H90. Distribution: UK/Eur 56%, Asia 19%, ME 15%, US/Other 10%. FM 66%, Bks/PB 20%, Ins/PF/SWF 14%;
Deal Comments
Green Bond
Use of Proceeds
Refinancing of Eligible Green Projects


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