EUR500.0004Feb-27Senior-BBB+-FixedSwapsMS+240 a-2155.00%1599.42800
Tranche Comments
4 yr: Book size: 1800; First Pay: 2024-02-05; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR500m WNG 4yr snr unsec green SP RegS. BBB+/ISS ESG Prime/MSCI AA/ Moody's ESG 44. CMZ/Danske/Deka/HSBC(B&D/DM)/Uni. IPTs MS+240 area, launch MS+215. Final books 1.8bn+. HR 107% vs OBL 0% 10/26. B+278.6. FTT 2:50pm. Regulatory Call: Yes on occurrence of MREL Event. LEI: DZZ47B9A52ZJ6LT6VV95;
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