EUR3,000.0006Dec-29Sr. UnsecuredAaaAA+AAAAAAFixedSwaps-MS-1 a-31.63%-92.34600
EUR4,000.00019Nov-42Sr. UnsecuredAaaAA+AAAAAAFixedSwaps-MS+54 a523.38%-99.29800
Tranche Comments
6 yr: Book size: 31200; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR3bn taps of 1.625% Dec 2029 RegS. Aaa/AA+/AAA/AAA(Scope). Danske/DB/GS/JPM/SG(B&D/DM). Guidance MS-1 area. Final MS-3. Final books 31.2bn+ (2.2bn JLM). DBR 2.1% 11/29@98.785/2.304%+63.5, HR 94%, both FTT, immediate funge, 191 days AI. New Total: 17.771bn. LEI: 529900FZRK8FGMPEOM08; 19 yr: Book size: 44700; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR4bn taps of 3.375% Nov 2042 RegS. Aaa/AA+/AAA/AAA(Scope). Danske/DB/GS/JPM/SG(B&D/DM). Guidance MS+54 area. Final MS+52. Final books 44.7bn+ (2.35bn JLM). DBR 3.25% 7/42@110.19/2.567% +85.7 HR 88%, both FTT, immediate funge, 238days AI. New Total: 14bn. LEI: 529900FZRK8FGMPEOM08;
Deal Comments
EUR3bn tap of 1.625% due 12/4/2029; EUR4bn tap of 3.375% due 11/4/2042


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