EUR1,250.000---Ba3BB-BB-BB (L)FixedSwaps9.625% a-626.29.13%-100.00000
Tranche Comments
P NC 6.5: Book size: 4600; First Pay: 2024-03-07; Redemption: 2029-09-07; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR1.25bn perp NC6.5 bmk AT1 RegS. Ba3/BB-/BB-/BBL(DBRS). GloCos BofA/IMI(B&D)/MS, JLMs Barc/UBS/Citi/DB/GS. With AT1 tender offer. IPTs 9.625% area (s/a coupon) (MS+669 area), launch 1.25bn at 9.125%. Final books 4.6bn+ (peak 5bn+). Reset to 5yr MS+ 626.2. FTT: exp 01/09 am. Tax Call: Yes. Reset Date: 2030-03-07. Cleanup Call: 75%. Regulatory Call: Yes, on Regulatory event. LEI: 2W8N8UU78PMDQKZENC08;
Deal Comments
Tier 1
Use of Proceeds
General Corporate Purposes

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