GBP200.0005Jul-28Sr. UnsecuredBaa1--FixedGG+340 aG+3303301.88%-82.59300
Tranche Comments
5 yr: Redemption: 2027-07-16; Comments: GBP200m (Upsized from 150m) 1.875% old 7NC6 snr fxd-fxd resettable callable notes (from 2021), to 550m. Baa1. JPM/WFS. Reset G+150. IPTs G+340 area for exp[ 150m, set G+330 for 150-200m, bk peaked 425m+. Came 20m. Gilt 1.25% 7/27+330 @92.42 mid (@92.22 bid) HR 87%.. 212 days AI, 40 day funge. Tax Call: No. PP: No. XD: No. New Total: 550m. LEI: 2138007Z3U5GWDN3MY22;
Deal Comments
GBP200m tap of 350m 1.875% due 7/16/2028


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