CHF199.0005Jul-28-Aaa--FixedSwapsMS-5 a--51.70%-100.16500
CHF302.00010Dec-32-Aaa--FixedSwapsMS-6 a--61.65%-99.23200
CHF184.00014Nov-37-Aaa--FixedSwapsMS-7 a--72.35%-106.78600
Tranche Comments
5 yr: Comments: CHF199m Jul 2028 public covered. Aaa/NR/NR. SKB. IPT MS-5 area. Guidance unchanged. Launch MS-5. Final Eidg+92. LEI: 506700TO413KE9G6WX83; 10 yr: Comments: CHF302m Dec 2032 public covered. Aaa/NR/NR. SKB. IPT MS-6 area. Guidance unchanged. Launch MS-6. Final Eidge+94.5. New Total: 1076m. LEI: 506700TO413KE9G6WX83; 14 yr: Comments: CHF184m Nov 2037 public covered. Aaa/NR/NR. SKB. IPT MS-7 area. Guidance unchanged. Launch MS-7. Eidge+94.2. New Total: 518m. LEI: 506700TO413KE9G6WX83;
Deal Comments
CHF302m tap of 1.65% due 12/21/2032; CHF184m tap of 2.35% due 11/17/2037


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