USD600.0005Mar-29Sr. UnsecuredBaa2BBBBBB+FixedTsyT+135-140T+1131135.50%199.99900
USD700.00010Mar-34Sr. UnsecuredBaa2BBBBBB+FixedTsyT+175-180T+1481485.70%799.70100
Tranche Comments
5 yr: Book size: 1400; First Pay: 2024-03-15; Redemption: 2029-01-15; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$600m 5.50% cpn 5yr at 99.999, yld 5.50%. T+113bp. MWC T+20bp. Par Call: 2m. LEI: 549300FC3G3YU2FBZD92; 10 yr: Book size: 2350; First Pay: 2024-03-15; Redemption: 2033-09-15; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$700m 5.70% cpn 10yr at 99.701, yld 5.738%. T+148bp. MWC T+25bp. Par Call: 6m. LEI: 549300FC3G3YU2FBZD92;
Use of Proceeds
Repay outstanding borrowings and general corporate purposes

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