EUR100.0003Sep-24Sr. Unsecured-BBB+-FixedSwaps-MS+125 a1000.50%-99.76000
USD300.0005Sep-26Sr. Unsecured-BBB+-FixedTsyT+150 aT+1051051.75%-99.57200
Tranche Comments
3 yr: Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR200m 3yr fxd snr unsec Carbon neutrality themed Green RegS. BBB+.BNPP(B&D)/HSBC/ABCHK/ANZ/BoC/CMBI/WingLung/StCh/Industrial/CMBCHK/Citi/CTBC/SPDB/SMBC Nikko. IPTs MS+125 area, launch 100m at MS+100, With USD 3yr, 5yr. OBL 0 10/24 #180 +132.3 (@102.337). FTT 8am Friday; 5 yr: Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: USD300m 5yr fxd. snr unsec, ESG/SRI/Green, bmk RegS. BBB+. BNPP(B&D)/HSBC/ABCHK/ANZ/BoC/CMBI/WingLung/StCh/Industrial/CMBCHK/Citi/CTBC/SPDB/SMBC Nikko. T5+105 bps(the #) , T5+150 bps area. UST Ref T 0 ¾ 08/31/26 @99-256/0.790%, Hedge T 0 ¾ 08/31/26@99-256/0.790% HR 98%;
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Use of Proceeds
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