GBP145.00010.5Sep-33Sr. UnsecuredA2A+-FixedGG+150 a1301281.75%-72.75000
Tranche Comments
10.5 yr: Book size: 800; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: GBP145m (upsized from GBP135m) tap of 1.75% Sep 2033 bmk snr unsec RegS. A2/A+. Barc/BNPP(Log)/Lloyds/NatWest(B&D). IPTs UKT 0.875% 07/33 (mid) +150 area, guidance UKT +130 (+/-2 WPIR), launch UKT +128 for 145m. Books 800m+. UKT 0.875% 07/2033 @ 74.912 mid, 74.882 bid (HR 93%). FTT: 2:05pm. New Total: 445m. Par Call: 3m. MWC: G+15bps. Regulatory Call: Yes. LEI: 213800AOOCT6JKFY6Z68;
Deal Comments
GBP145m tap of GBP300m 1.75% due 9/30/2033
Use of Proceeds
Refinancing and general corporate purposes


BWICS & Inventory


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