USD1,500.0003Apr-26SeniorAa3A+AA-FixedTsyT+105 aT+80804.75%10100.00000
USD2,750.0006Apr-29Sr. UnsecuredA1A-A+VariableTsyT+160 aT+1451455.16%10100.00000
USD3,250.00011Apr-34Sr. UnsecuredA1A-A+VariableTsyT+180 aT+1651655.25%8100.00000
Tranche Comments
3 yr: Book size: 6300; First Pay: 2023-10-21; Registration: 3(a)(2); Comments: US$1.5bn 4.754% cpn 3yr at 100.00, yld 4.754%. T+80bp. MWC T+15bp. Par Call: 1m. LEI: IGJSJL3JD5P30I6NJZ34; 6 yr: Book size: 8000; First Pay: 2023-10-20; Redemption: 2028-04-20; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$2.75bn 5.164% cpn 6NC5 FXD-FRN at 100.00, yld 5.164%. T+145bp. MWC T+25bp. Back-end SOFR spread: +159bp. Reset Date: 2028-04-20. Par Call: 1m. LEI: IGJSJL3JD5P30I6NJZ34; 11 yr: Book size: 10800; First Pay: 2023-10-20; Redemption: 2033-04-21; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$3.25bn 5.25% cpn 11NC10 FXD-FRN at 100.00, yld 5.25%. T+165bp. MWC T+25bp. Back-end SOFR spread: +187bp. Reset Date: 2033-04-21. Par Call: 3m. LEI: IGJSJL3JD5P30I6NJZ34;
Deal Comments
Bank Notes (3yr). Active Bookrunner: MOS(B&D). Passive Bookrunner: MUF
Use of Proceeds
General Corporate Purposes


BWICS & Inventory

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Jan 25, 2023
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