Dominos Pizza Master Issuer LLC (DPABS) 2019-1

Tranche Comments
A-1: Registration: 144A/Reg S; A-2: Registration: 144A/Reg S;
Deal Comments
A-1, represents refinancing of Series 2017-1 Class A-1 VFN.
Security interest in substantially all of the assets of the Co-Issuers and Guarantors, including existing and future domestic franchise agreements, existing and future international franchise agreements, existing and future intellectual property, payments under the company-owned stores license agreement, assets relating to / profit arising from franchise and company-owned store distribution arrangements, transaction accounts, and a pledge of the equity interests in the Master Issuer and its subsidiaries, including entities holding certain real estate assets related to the distribution centers.
Use of Proceeds
Refinancing of Series 2017-1 Class A-1 Senior VFN and increase leverage back to the high end of its 3x-6x target range.

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