European Financial Stability Facility SA (EFSF) 2018-6

EUR2,000.00010Feb-28Sr. UnsecuredAa1AAAAFixedSwapsMS-7 aMS-8 a-90.95%-101.79500
EUR2,000.00035Jul-53Sr. UnsecuredAa1AAAAFixedSwapsMS+28 aMS+27 a271.75%-99.81800
Tranche Comments
10 yr: Book size: 3100; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR2bn (upsized from EUR1bn) tap of 3bn 0.95% Feb 2028. With new 35yr. Aa1/AA/AA. Barc(B&D)/BNPP/DZ. Guidance MS-7 area revised MS-8 area, set MS-9 on bks closed >3.1bn ex-JLM (topped >3.5bn). HR98% vs DBR 0.5% 2/28++43 @101.65; 35 yr: Book size: 3400; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR2bn bmk. With Feb 2028 tap. Aa1/AA/AA. Barc(B&D)/BNPP/DZ. Guidance MS+28 area, revised MS+27 area, set MS+27, bks closed >3.4bn ex-JLM. HR: 98% vs DBR 1.25% 8/48s+71.5 @105.348;
Deal Comments
EUR2bn tap of 3bn 0.95% due 2/14/2028