Seazen Group Ltd (fka Future Land Development Holdings Ltd) 2019-3

USD200.0004Apr-23Senior--BBFixedYLD-6.625% a-6.15%-100.00000
Tranche Comments
4 yr: Redemption: 2021-04-15; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: USD200m 4.000yr 6.15% Fxd. bmk, snr Reg S only. BB. UBS/BAML/CS/MS/Orient/Haitong /Huatai /BEA/HSBC/FLRS. 6.625% area. Repay bank debt . Tax Call: No. PP: No. XD: No;
Certain non-PRC restricted subsidiaries of the Issuer
Use of Proceeds
Repay bank debt