United Group BV (KKRUN) 2019-4

EUR200.0007Jul-24Sr. SecuredB2B-FixedB103.00-103.25103.25-103.504694.88%-103.50000
Tranche Comments
7 yr: First Pay: 2018-01-15; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: EUR200m tap of 325m old 4.875% 7NC3 snr sec (Jul 2024 mat, from 2017). B2/B. JPM(Phys/B&D), JBs CS/KKR. After inv call 12.30pm. UOP Tele2 Croatia acq. Talk 103.00-103.25, revised 103.25-103.50, came 103.50, B+469 v 1% 8/24. lEI: 213800PC85O8BJ7DU398;
Deal Comments
EUR200m tap of EUR325m 4.875% due 7/1/2024
Use of Proceeds