Nan Fung Treasury Ltd (NANTR) 2018-1

USD500.00010Sep-28Sr. UnsecuredBaa3BBB-BBBFixedTsyT+250 a-227.55.00%-98.88500
Tranche Comments
10 yr: Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: USD500m 10yr snr unsec RegS. Baa3/BBB-/BBB. HSBC(B&D)/JPM/UBS. Guidance T+250 area, revised +230 area (+/-2.5bp wpir). +227.5bp vs T 2 08/15/28 (HR 89%) at 2.869% / 100-01+. Tax Call: No. PP: No. XD: No;
Nan Fung International Holdings Ltd
Use of Proceeds
Refinancing and general working capital purposes