Oriental Republic of Uruguay (UYGV) 2018-1

USD1,750.0007Apr-55-Baa2BBBBBB-FixedTsyT+235 aT+205 a2004.97%-98.71300
Tranche Comments
7 yr: Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: US$1.75bn (about US$1.5bn of which is new money) 37-year bond: 98.713; 4.975%C; 5.053%Y; T+200bp. Settlement: April 20 2018; Final Maturity: April 20 2055. (average life 36 years) LAUNCH: US$1.5bn 37-year bond at T+200bp GUIDANCE: 205bp (+/-5bp) . IPT: T+235bp area. (Source: IFR);