SSAB AB (SSABA) 2019-1

SEK1,400.0005Jun-24Sr. Unsecured-BB+-Floating3mSt-3mSt+270-2802703mSt+270-100.00000
SEK600.0005Jun-24Sr. Unsecured-BB+-FixedSwaps-MS+270-+2802702.75%-99.86200
Tranche Comments
5 yr: Comments: SEK1.4bn 5yr snr unsec FRN. With fxd, total 2bn. BB+. DnB/Nordea(B&D). Guidance 3mS+270/+280, set 3mS+270. Combined bks ~3.1bn ex-JLM, FTT 1.40pm (Source: IFR); 5 yr: Comments: SEK600m 5yr snr unsec. With FRN, total 2bn. BB+. DnB/Nordea. Guidance MS+270/+280, set MS+270. Combined bks ~3.1bn ex-JLM, FTT 1:40pm (Source: IFR);