Union Pacific Corp (UNP) 2020-1

USD500.0007Feb-27Sr. UnsecuredBaa1A--FixedTsyT+80-85T+65 a602.15%-699.92900
USD750.00010Feb-30Sr. UnsecuredBaa1A--FixedTsyT+95-100T+85 a802.40%-299.61100
USD1,000.00030Feb-50Sr. UnsecuredBaa1A--FixedTsyT+130-135T+120 a1153.25%-199.96100
USD750.00050Feb-70Sr. UnsecuredBaa1A--FixedTsyT+185 aT+170 a1653.75%-199.95500
Tranche Comments
7 yr: Book size: 2400; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$500m 2.15% cpn 7-year(2/05/2027) at 99.929, yld 2.161%. Spread: T+60bp.MWC T+10bp. Par call 2 months prior to maturity.; 10 yr: Book size: 3000; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$750m 2.40% cpn 10-year(2/05/2030) at 99.611, yld 2.444%. Spread: T+80bp. MWC T+15bp. Par call 3 months prior to maturity.; 30 yr: Book size: 2900; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$1bn 3.25% cpn 30-year(2/05/2050) at 99.961, yld 3.252%. Spread: T+115bp. MWC T+20bp. Par call 6 months prior to maturity.; 50 yr: Book size: 3500; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$750m 3.75% cpn 50-year(2/05/2070) at 99.955, yld 3.752%. Spread: T+165bp. MWC T+25. Par call 6 months prior to maturity.;
Deal Comments
BRC/CTI (B&D on 7y)/MOS (B&D on 30y and 50y)/JPM (B&D on 10y) joint active books.
Use of Proceeds
For general corporate purposes, including repayment of borrowings, working capital, acquisitions and other capital expenditures

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