Bank of East Asia Ltd (BEA) 2020-1

USD600.00010May-30-Baa3BBB--FixedTsy-T+425 a3754%-99.59200
Tranche Comments
10: Book size: 5100; Redemption: 2025-05-29; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: USD600m 10NC5 fxd. Tier 2 RegS. Baa3/BBB-. GCs BEA/Citi/GS/StCh, JB SMBC Nikko, JLM ABCI/AMTD/BOCI/BofA/CCBI/CA-CIB/SPDBHK/WFS. IPG T+425 area, FPG T+375 (the #). JLMs ABCI/AMTD/BofA/BOCI/CA/CCBI/SPDBHK/WFS. Launch 600m. BKs 5.1bn (JLM 395m) pre close. CT5 0.375^ 4/25 @100-05.25;
Deal Comments
Tier 2
Use of Proceeds
General corporate purposes