Expedia Group Inc (fka Expedia Inc) (EXPE) 2020-2

USD500.0003Dec-23Sr. UnsecuredBaa3BBB-BBB-FixedYLD4.00% a3.75% a (+/-12.5)-3.60%14.599.92200
USD750.0007Aug-27Sr. UnsecuredBaa3BBB-BBB-FixedYLD5.00% a4.75% a (+/-12.5)-4.63%14.599.99700
Tranche Comments
3 yr: Book size: 2000; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: US$500m 3.60% cpn 3yr (12/15/23) at 99.922, YLD 3.625%. MWC T+50bp; 7 yr: Book size: 3300; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: US$750m 4.625% cpn 7yr (8/01/27) at 99.997, yld 4.625%. MWC T+50bp;
Use of Proceeds
Repay debt and general corporate purposes

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