Johnson Controls International PLC (JCI) 2020-1

USD625.00010Sep-30Sr. UnsecuredBaa2BBB+BBBFixedTsyT + 140 a-1101.75%-599.68900
Tranche Comments
10 yr: Book size: 3500; First Pay: 2021-09-11; Redemption: 2030-06-15; Registration: Registered; Comments: USD625m 10yr snr unsec Green (SRI) SEC Regd. With 2-tr EUR(Weds). Baa2/BBB+/BBB. BofA(B&D)/Barc/Citi/ING/JPM/USB. IPTs T+140 area, came T+110 vs T0.625% 8/30 @99-14. MWC T+20, 3mPC.;
Deal Comments
Green Bond
Use of Proceeds
Refinancing of the Eligible Green Project Portfolio