Empower Finance 2020 LP (GWOCN) 2020-2

USD400.0007Sep-27Sr. UnsecuredNRA+AFixedTsyT+125 aT+95 a901.36%-2100.00000
USD400.00010Mar-31Sr. UnsecuredNRA+AFixedTsyT+145 aT+115 a1101.78%-2100.00000
USD700.00031Sep-51Sr. UnsecuredNRA+AFixedTsyT+200 aT+170 a1653.08%-100.00000
Tranche Comments
7 yr: Book size: 2300; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: USD$400m 1.357% cpn 7-year(9/17/27) at 100.00, yld 1.357%. Spread: T+90bp. MWC T+20bp; 10 yr: Book size: 2700; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: USD$400m 1.776% cpn 10-year(3/17/31) at 100.00, yld 1.776%. Spread: T+110bp. MWC T+20bp; 31 yr: Book size: 3700; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: USD$700m 3.075% cpn 31-year(9/17/51) at 100.00, yld 3.075%. Spread: T+165bp. MWC T+25bp;
Great-West Lifeco Inc
Use of Proceeds
To finance a portion of the MassMutual Transaction

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