PRS Finance PLC (PRSFN) 2020-5

GBP74.1038.25Jan-29Sr. SecuredAa2--FixedGG+68 a-622%-109.64700
GBP57.56415Aug-34Sr. SecuredAa2--FixedGG+70 a-621.50%-105.50800
Tranche Comments
8.25 yr: Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: GBP74.103m tap of 2% Jan 2029 snr secured, to 526.841m (42.875m retained). HSBC/NWM(B&D). UKT 0.875% 10/29+68 area. With 2034 tap. +AI. Came G+62 (Gilt @ 106.26 mid). ISINs: XS2234856776 funge w/ XS1916263897. LEI: 2138002JNX4ZKQI8OU17; 15 yr: First Pay: 2020-02-24; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: GBP57.564m tap of 1.5% Aug 2034 snr secured, to 387.564m (63.263m retained). HSBC/NWM(B&D). UKT 4.5% Sep-2034 +70 area. With 2029 tap. +AI. Came G+62 Gilt @ 154.731 mid. ISINs: XS2234857238 funge w / XS2075778394. LEI: 2138002JNX4ZKQI8OU17;
Deal Comments
GBP74.103m tap of 2% due 1/23/2029.
Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government