T-Mobile USA Inc (TMUS) 2020-6

USD500.0008Feb-28Sr. SecuredBaa3BBB-BBB-FixedTsyT+145 aT+125 a1202.05%2102.65900
USD750.00011Feb-31Sr. SecuredBaa3BBB-BBB-FixedTsyT+165 aT+145 a1402.55%1104.31800
USD1,250.00020Feb-41Sr. SecuredBaa3BBB-BBB-FixedTsyT+190 aT+165 a1603.00%299.45900
USD1,500.00030Feb-51Sr. SecuredBaa3BBB-BBB-FixedTsyT+215 aT+190 a187.53.30%1.599.79300
Tranche Comments
8 yr: Book size: 2900; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: US$500m tap of the 2.05% 2/15/28 at 102.659, yld 1.656%. Spread: T+120bp. MWC T+25bp. CoC: 101%.; 11 yr: Book size: 2600; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: US$750m tap of the 2.55% 2/15/31 at 104.318, yld 2.074%. Spread: T+140bp. MWC T+30bp. CoC: 101%.; 20 yr: Book size: 5300; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: US$1.25bn 3.00% cpn 20-year(2/15/41) at 99.459, yld 3.036%. Spread: T+160bp. MWC T+25bp. CoC: 101%.; 30 yr: Book size: 5700; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: US$1.5bn 3.30% cpn 30-yea(2/15/51) at 99.793, yld 3.311%. Spread: T+187.5bp. MWC T+30bp. CoC: 101%.;
Deal Comments
US$500m tap of the 2.05% due 2/15/28. US$750m tap of the 2.55% due 2/15/31.
Use of Proceeds
Refinancing indebtedness on an ongoing basis and general corporate purposes

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