ZF Finance GmbH (ZFFNGR) 2020-2

EUR500.0006.5May-27Sr. UnsecuredBa1BB+-FixedSwaps3.625% a3.125% a326.42.75%-99.27800
Tranche Comments
6.5 yr: Book size: 4500; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR500m WNG 6.5yr snr unsec RegS. Ba1/BB+. BofA/CMZ(B&D)/DB/Santan. IPTs 3.625% area (MS+402a), guidance 3.125% area, launch 2.875%, bk >4.5bn pre rec. MWC B+50, 3mPC. MS+326.4 / B+359.7 vs DBR 0.25% 02/15/27 (@106.222). FTT 7.30am Thurs. LEI: 5493001N9T6QDCCXB426;
ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Use of Proceeds
Repay loan and general corporate purposes