Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd (KAISA) 2020-9

USD250.0001Dec-21Sr. UnsecuredNRNRNRFixedYLD7.5% a7%-6.50%-99.52700
Tranche Comments
1 yr: Book size: 2600; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: USD250m 364-day fxd. snr unsec sustainable (SRI), ESG/SRI/Green RegS. NR. GCs CS/DB(B&D)/Haitong Intl, JBs Barc/CNCBI/Guotai Junan/UBS/HSBC. Barc/DB strucs. 7.00%. 7.5% area. Bk $2.6bn (JLM US$325m) last.;
Deal Comments
Green Bond
Certain restricted subsidiaries incorporated outside the PRC
Use of Proceeds
Repay notes