CVS Health Corp (CVS) 2020-3

USD750.0007Aug-27Sr. UnsecuredBaa2BBB-FixedTsyT+85-90T+67671.30%-299.78300
USD1,250.00010Feb-31Sr. UnsecuredBaa2BBB-FixedTsyT+120 aT+95951.88%-99.98800
Tranche Comments
7 yr: Registration: Registered; Comments: US$750m tap of the 1.30% 8/21/27 at 99.783, yld 1.334%. Spread: T+67bp. MWCT+15bp.CoC: 101%. LEI: 549300EJG376EN5NQE29; 10 yr: Registration: Registered; Comments: US$1.25bn 1.875% cpn 10-year(2/28/31) at 99.988, yld 1.876%, Spread: T+95bp. MWCT+15bp. CoC: 101%;
Deal Comments
USD$750m tap of USD$1.5bn 7yr 1.30% due 8/21/27. Total books size: USD$4.7bn
Use of Proceeds
For the purchase of the Tender Offer Notes and pay related premiums, fees and expenses

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