SBB Treasury Oyj (SBB) 2020-6

EUR500.000---NRBBBBFixedSwaps3.375% a2.75-3%322.72.63%-2599.40400
EUR700.0008Dec-28-NRBBBBFixedSwapsMS+155 aMS+125-1301250.75%-1098.99200
Tranche Comments
P NC 5.25: Book size: 1500; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR500m WNG PNC5.25yr hybrid RegS. With 700m 8yr snr. NR/BB/BB. BNPP/Citi/DB/DNB/GS/MS/Nordea. IPTs: 3.375% area (annual yield), guidance 2.875%/3%, launch 2.75%, bk >1.5bn (peak >2.3bn), 2.625% cpn. 3mPC, 25bp step 3/31, 75bp 3/46. MS+322.7 / DBR 0 ½ 02/15/26 + 355.4bps (Px 106.93), 3mPC, FTT 4.45pm; 8 yr: Book size: 1750; Redemption: 2026-03-14; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR700m 8yr debut social snr (SRI) RegS. With 500m PNC5.25yr hybrid. NR/BBB-/BBB-. BNPP/Citi/DB(B&D)/DNB/GS/MS/Nordea. IPTs MS+155 area, guidance MS+125/+130 for 600-700m, launch 700m @MS+125, bk >1.75bn (peak >2.2bn), DBR 0 ¼ 08/15/28 + 159.5bps ( Px 98.992) / HR 93%, MWC B+25. 3mPC, FTT 4.45pm. LEI: 5493003HHOCW6FIMH724;
Deal Comments
P NC 5.25 - Hybrid Bond; 8yr - Green Social Bond.
Samhallsbyggnadsbolaget I Norden AB
Use of Proceeds