Republic of Ukraine (UAGV) 2020-3

USD600.00012.25Mar-33Sr. Unsecured-BBFixedYLD6.4% a6.2-6.25%-7.25%7108.91400
Tranche Comments
12.25 yr: Book size: 1850; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: USD500m tap of 2bn 7.253% Mar 2033 RegS/144A. B/B. BNPP/GS(B&D). IPTs 6.4% area, final guidance 6.2%/6.25% (wpir), launch 600m at 6.2%. Books last 1.85bn+. 138 days accrued. 144a ISIN: US903724BY74;
Deal Comments
USD500m tap of 2bn 7.253% due 3/15/2033.
Use of Proceeds
General corporate purposes