Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) (RY) 2021-1

USD700.0003Jan-24Sr. UnsecuredA2AAAFloatingSOFRSOFR+EquivSOFR+3030SOFR+30-100.00000
USD1,000.0003Jan-24Sr. UnsecuredA2AAAFixedTsyT+High 30sT+22220.43%299.99700
USD300.0005Jan-26Sr. UnsecuredA2AAAFloatingSOFRSOFR+EquivSOFR+52.552.5SOFR+52.5-100.00000
USD1,250.0005Jan-26Sr. UnsecuredA2AAAFixedTsyT+High 50sT+42420.88%199.92200
Tranche Comments
3 yr: Book size: 900; First Pay: 2021-04-19; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$700m 3yr FRN at 100.00, floatsa at SOFR+30bp. CUSIP: 78015K7M0; 3 yr: Book size: 1500; First Pay: 2021-07-19; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$1bn 0.425% cpn 3yr at 99.997, yld 0.426%, T+22bp. CUSIP: 78015K7L2; 5 yr: Book size: 375; First Pay: 2021-04-20; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$300m 5yr FRN at 100.00, floats at SOFR+52.5bp. CUSIP: 78016EZP5; 5 yr: Book size: 1900; First Pay: 2021-07-21; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$1.25bn 0.875% cpn 5yr at 99.922, yld 0.891%, T+42bp. CUSIP: 78016EZM2;
Use of Proceeds
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