Republic of Chile (CLGV) 2021-1

EUR400.00010.5Jul-31Sr. UnsecuredA1A+A-FixedSwapsMS+80 aMS+65 a600.83%-104.39900
EUR1,250.00030Jan-51Sr. UnsecuredA1A+A-FixedSwapsMS+140 aMS+130 a1251.25%-98.81400
Tranche Comments
10.5 yr: Registration: Registered; Comments: EUR400m tap of 1.555bn 0.83% July 2031 green. SEC Regd. With new 30yr social. A1/A+/A-. BNPP/Citi/HSBC/JPM/Santan(B&D). IPTs MS+80 area, guidance MS+65 area, set MS+60 for exp 400m, launch 400m. TBP today. Immediate funge, +AI. 3mPC; 30 yr: Registration: Registered; Comments: EUR1.25bn 1.25% 30yr social. SEC Regd. With tap of 0.83% July 2031 green. A1/A+/A-. BNPP/Citi/HSBC/JPM/Santan(B&D). IPTs MS+140 area, guidance MS+130 area, set MS+125 for exp 1-1.25bn, launch 1.25bn . Bks subj 1.30pm. 3mPC;
Deal Comments
Green Bond (10.5yr), Social Bond (30yr). EUR400m tap of 1.555bn 0.83% due 7/2/2031